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Simon Hoggart’s week

On Tuesday, I went to a wine lunch given by Yapp Bros, with whom I do some business at the Spectator wine club.
I sat next to an exceedingly pretty young woman called Patricia Teiller, who makes wine in Menetou-Salon, an appellation next to Sancerre which, in my view, makes slightly better wines  for slightlylower prices. She is the third generation of Teiller winemakers, and was there with her husband, who married into the family. They were both sweet and charming, with excellent English, and without the slightest hint  of the arrogance we sometimes associate with the French.
With the luck, we tried the rosé wine they make, and it was so delicious – fruity and rich and round and yet with a real strenght -thaht all the wine experts at the table (plus me) applauded her. And I have to confess that I felt quite envious – to be beautiful, to live in a lovely part of France, to be happily married with two daughters and to make wine which makes elderly  cynics in London cheer you for skills! I wish them the best possible luck.