Our philosophy

The winemaker’s trade as an art

Each bottle contains a story and every tale has a beginning. The vine is where the story begins and which continues via the cellar.

The creation of a wine is a wonderful alchemy of:

  • The soil: this is the element to which we owe everything – it is nutritive, full of life and is unique in each different place- fully expressive of its “terroir”. Our job as winemakers is to work in harmony the soil, knowing and understanding how to best cultivate it to highlight the “terroirs” which will shape the grapes produced.
  • The climate: the lifeblood of the soil. Rain, sun and temperature are the indicators of the vintage. Each year is different and affords the wine the richness of being a product of inexhaustible discovery.
  • The vines: we are ever-attentive to their needs, giving them the greatest care and respecting their balance and energy.
  • The human factor: In the same way that a conductor conducts an orchestra of different musicians, the human factor is essential in blending the above elements to produce a wine of the highest quality. Continuing with this musical metaphor, every year the score is different. It is nevertheless up to the winegrower to work in harmony with the vine and the land and throughout the aging process in to produce the most beautiful melody possible.

We recognise that we are but temporary custodians of this family adventure and must do all that we can to protect this incredible, unique living structure for future generations.
To this end the domaine now only produces organic wines, fully-certified in accordance with the principles and rules of Agriculture Biologique. 

Working the soil…

…is the key to the wines’ finesse. Ploughing and hoeing enables diversification of the flora and gives life to the soil. Moreover, this process allows the roots of the vine to reach optimal depth, making the plant stronger and enabling it to reveal the specific characteristics of the terroir in which it is grown, much in the same way of the “climats” of Burgundy.

The flora and fauna feed the vine by digesting the compost of the farm manures added.

Working the vine…

…means responding to its every need, observing and working the vine stock individually to ensure that each one grows in optimal conditions thereby producing grapes of the highest quality.

Throughout the year the calendar of care continues – trimming and training the shoots, pruning, and tying the vine’s branches…

We also need to protect the vine against disease, using copper and sulphur strengthened by infusions and extracts from plants such as nettle, horsetail, wicker, camomile and dandelion. We try to redress the balance so that the vine becomes stronger still by using varied natural supplements.

The trade of the winemaker is an art which intentionally targets the senses – from nurturing the vine through to the final tasting process, it is work which is stimulates us and enables us to grow as producers.

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