Menetou-Salon White

Menetou-Salon White

Delicate and fruity

Fruity, crisp, with body – everything to delight the senses.

This is a wine made from grapes grown in several parcels – “Les Chandeliers”, “Le Clos”, “Sué”, “Le Clos de Bonneford” and “La Plante des Champs” – each one of which brings to it their own personality and identity. They provide a white that is typical and representative both of the appellation and the Domaine Jean Teiller. It is THE quintessential Menetou-Salon which so delights the taste buds.  The nose is intense and full of aromas (citrus fruits, peach and ripe fruit). In the mouth, this wine is fruity, crisp and beautifully balanced.

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