Menetou-Salon Hommage

Menetou-Salon Hommage

A wine made from the grapes of an exclusive parcel

This is a wine named in honour of Jean, Jean-Jacques’ father and grandfather of Patricia, who was renowned for his red wines.

“La Montaloise” is a parcel which Jean selected and planted in 1979 and gives a whole new dimension to the traditional red Menetou-Salon.

This wine is elegant on the nose, being both fruity and floral. When swirled in the glass, it reveals all its aromatic richness with flavours of blackberry, raspberry, violet and spices. On the palate, it is delicate yet full and of good length thanks to its silky tannins.

All of the purity and finesse one might expect of a Pinot Noir

Vin Menetou-Salon 1
Vin Menetou-Salon 2
Vin Menetou-Salon 3